Debut Release Day—and I just can’t explain how thrilling those three little words are.

I’ve been working on Under the Stars for quite a while now, and I’m pleased that finally more people than me will have the chance to spend time with Sophie and Gabe, because I’ve loved every second of it. They came to me so fully formed, so real, and Gabe was (for me at least) an open book. With the rest of the world, not so much. But I like my heroes a little guarded, a little wicked, and totally gorgeous—as you’ll see.

I could go on and on, but this is my first blog post, and it may simply be better to show you what it’s all about.

(Cedar Bend Book 1)

The 4th Annual Bachelor Auction is upon us, and ladies this might be the year you say ‘I do.’ The first year’s wedding was totally unexpected, the second, a coincidence perhaps, but three times confirms it; the Cedar Bend Bachelor Auction is the place to find your future one and only.

Having survived a health scare, former child genius Sophie Wheeler isn’t looking for a happily-ever-after, she just wants an adventure, and drop-dead-gorgeous Gabriel Marshall fits the bill in more ways than one. Throwing caution – and a good chunk of her savings – to the wind, Sophie battles nerves, shyness and half the women in Cedar Bend for a chance at Gabe’s Adventure Package date.

Firefighter and confirmed bachelor, Gabriel Marshall likes his life just as it is; no commitments, no ties and a different woman every night of the week. So being won by sweet, respectable Sophie Wheeler – the one woman he shouldn’t touch – is not in his plans. Why then did it only take one look from those tawny-gold eyes to have him offering a four day, three night hike? And how was he going to hide the fact that fate had somehow matched the guy who couldn’t even read a newspaper with the smartest woman in town?


I hope you enjoy Under the Stars as much as I do.