About Kendra

Kendra grew up in France with her father, his second wife, and her two evil step-sis— Oh, sorry, that’s Cinderella.

Kendra lives in New Zealand, has one amazing grown up daughter, and after years of house-sitting other people’s pets she finally has a boisterous golden lab of her own.

At thirteen Kendra borrowed The Complete Works of Jane Austin from her local library and developed a crush on Mr Darcy that she is yet to grow out of. She started her writing journey with angst-filled teenage poetry, and followed it with scientific papers at university (or college for her US readers) – ones with thrilling titles like The Effects of Hieracium on Highland Tussock Grasslands. Nowadays though she writes romance and it’s a whole lot more fun!

She likes her heroes a little rough and ready and her heroines smart enough to match them. And those cats and dogs? Well, they sneak into her books too. So if you’re looking for contemporary romance with a string of sizzling heroes and the heroines who capture them mind, body, and soul then you’re in the right place.