Cedar Bend Book 3

Christmas Novella coming October 2021 – Pre-Order Now!

American ski-patroller Daniel Mason, lives life hard and fast. He isn’t unnerved by much – except watching the guys on the team fall one by one into matrimony’s grasp. There’s something in the water in Aspen, and whatever it is, he sure as hell isn’t drinking it. So when the opportunity to rent a ‘bach’ in New Zealand’s Solitude Bay arises for Christmas he sees it as the perfect escape. He just doesn’t expect to also see his Kiwi team-mate as much more than one of the guys. 

Aurora ‘Rory’ Kinsella can’t wait to get home to New Zealand for Christmas but she may have made a fatal mistake—renting out one of her family’s baches to her hot as heck teammate, Mason. As his co-worker and friend, she thought herself far too savvy to fall for the infamous love ‘em and leave ‘em Mason charm. Yet suddenly she can’t help but wonder what she’s missing out on. Where’s the harm in a summer holiday fling full of Christmas magic? But Aurora fears that when the New Year comes, returning to their old lives as a team on the slopes might just be impossible…

Releasing first in Baby It’s Hot Outside, multi-author Christmas anthology boxed-set in October 2021.


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Mason walked out into the early morning light in low-slung trackpants and a tee-shirt that had seen better days, and balanced his cup of coffee on the veranda railing.

He was taking his first life-affirming sip when a woman, her long hair loose and swaying, jogged across the road in a blue and floral bikini that left nothing to the imagination. Not a single thing, Lord love her. And since looking wasn’t dangerous he settled in to admire the view, guilt-free. It’d be a crime not to really, she had a body made for a bikini.

Down the other end of the bay boats were being launched straight off the sand, but at this end, with the sea a sheet of glass, she wasn’t the only person heading out for an early stand-up paddleboard. She dropped her ungainly load on the sand and bent to fix on the fin.

He groaned from the pit of his stomach. Fuck me! A man’d be mad to turn that offer down if it came his way – and he was a lot of things, but mad wasn’t one of them.

Propping one shoulder against the veranda support, Mason took a good long swig just as she turned and reached for her buoyancy vest. He coughed, choked, sprayed hot liquid in an arc across the front lawn. That’s what Rory hid under her ski gear and those baggy sweaters. Jesus!

She carefully zipped, then clipped herself into the personal floatation device, hiding a truly gorgeous pair of breasts. Dammit, there went half the view, but that ass…it was beyond spectacular. Don’t put boardshorts on, don’t put boardshorts on.

Mason froze. Recoiled. This was Rory he was thinking about for Christ’s sake – one of the guys – and yet as she picked up the board and paddle and entered the water he still couldn’t look away.